Shore to Shore – shortlisted for the 2020 Rubery Book Award

Just to prove some good things happened in 2020, my short fiction collection Shore to Shore was shortlisted in this competition for books published by Indie publishers, several years after it came out. The judge particularly liked the opening story Hani’s Baby. This was the full report:

Shore to Shore – Tamsin Hopkins
A collection of short stories with the theme of water (rivers, canals etc.) written with a commendable variation in style.  Some stories are about water, while others take place near water, and the idea is that the various flows of each body of water is a representative theme in each story. In the stunning opening story, Hani’s Baby, the eponymous hero flies a hot air balloon over the skies of Egypt, carrying the body of his still born son.  It was a vivid account of Hani’s predicament, trapped in a life of stultifying tradition and expectation, and the ballooning details give extra strength.  Good, entertaining stories.

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