Joanna Brown

Joanna Brown is the working title of the novel I was hoping to write on the Curtis Brown Creative 6 month writing course which I attended, but due to the amount of research involved and various factors on the home front, I have shelved it for the time being, whilst still doing the reading for it on the side. I have faith in it as a cracking yarn, so I will get to Joanna, hopefully next year. It has taken no little time to turn a non-historian into somebody who can get under the skin of a Victorian woman, but the possiblility of me getting to that point cannot be ruled out at this time. Also, as a short fiction writer, I have had trouble committing to longer fiction, but – I’m doing it. Just not with Joanna at the  moment. I’m writing another (shorter) novel, but that’s a secret.

I will be using the story JOANNA BROWN, from my short story collection SHORE TO SHORE, (out with Cinnamon Press) as a springboard – it’s a dark tale,set in Victorian London

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The short story has been well-received, so I hope the idea of turning it into a novel is not a Victorian folly.